Body sway

from by JKMD



A song about playing in bands in Adelaide in the 1990s. I wrote it back then after watching a band play in a front bar on a Sunday arvo as I used to do long ago.


Body Sway

Verse 1 C Am F G
If I decided to think about it, what am I doing here.
In the front bar of the hotel, in the middle of nowhere.
Watching a band going through the motions,
in front of a small but loyal following.
That memory will have a meaning,
upon their reflection.

Chorus Dm F - C G
Is it self doubt or am I dreaming,
but I don’t feel that I fit in.
To any of these scenes and all these people,
walking through life past my table.

Verse 2
I’m just sitting thinking that I’m lucky,
to be going.
I look around me familiarity,
and it is showing.
On the faces of the audience,
I go to make my exit,
feel my body sway.



from Transit of Venus, released December 26, 2016




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