Your destiny

from by JKMD



A song about exploring your destiny through mystics. I did this a lot in my 20's, recently found a recording of a palm reading in 1989. Many things had happened as recorded back then. Changed my mind again about palmistry.


Your destiny


Capo on 3rd
C Em G/Am Em Dm F

D#/Eb Gm A#/Bb
Cm Gm Fm G#/Ab

I’ve been reading horoscopes and visiting mystics.
I’ve been trying to find what is the plan.
I’ve been riding on a rollercoaster but you,
have to get down before you get up again.

This much is true,
what you have to do,
is get in touch with
your destiny.

There is nothing new if you study your history.
Just something that happened long ago.
May be chaos or it could be fate.
You’ll never know if you hide behind your front gate.



from Transit of Venus, released December 26, 2016




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